• Cyd

Before you snap a photo!!!

You ever take a photo then when you go back to look at the picture and wonder how did that get in there? Yep, even us professional photographers have that happen!! Lol here is somethings not to take a photo around that affect your background!!.

1. a water fountain if the person is sitting in front of it could look like its coming out of there head.

2. a street you never know who or what may go by in the background.

3. Be Careful of trees because just may have a friendly critter decided to come down or up the tree.

4. make sure if there is a mirror behind you that you can't see anything in it.

5. always make sure you are not in a place where people are able to walk behind you . People these days like to photo bomb pictures!!

I hope some of this tips help I've had a lot of these happen to me!! Just be aware of your surrounding before you hit click button!!

Photography by Cyd



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